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1. Having been in the healing arts for 40 years, I am used to being around all kinds of healers and technology. I have worked with other healers through the event business and experienced them as truth seekers on my own path. It's an unexpected surprise to have met Jeanne so serendipitously and to experience her level of care, integrity, intuition and intelligence. There are thousands of healers out there but it is rare to cross paths and be helped by someone like Jeanne.

2.  Last spring my cat Blu was diagnosed with pancreatitis and liver disease and the vets had basically given up on her. Blu's eyes were glazed over, her fur was lifeless, she couldn't eat and vomited frequently. Needless to say, a trip outside was impossible. A friend suggested bio resonance so I called Jeanne and went to her office to watch what she did on her machine while Blu was napping at home (this is called a meta space treatment). I was a nurse for 20 years and very skeptical but got over that very quickly when my cat started moving and actually looking at me and coming to me once again.  She ate and had bowel movements, her eyes were clear and since it was still warm started hunting outside again. She went up and down the stairs as if she never had a problem.  If you have a problem and the vet says they can't fix it, I recommend you give bio resonance a try.  You just never know what will work and Jeanne has had a lot of experience.      
Pittsford, NY

                                        " BITTEN IN THE BUTTOCKS"
3. Lucky is a cat who got into a tangle one evening with several raccoons over food left on his patio for a feral friend.  Outnumbered and on the run, one of the raccoons bit Lucky in his buttocks. The Vet cleaned the 1" wide 1" deep wound and suggested surgery later in the week. Lucky's owner called me for bio resonance and together we worked through which corrective frequencies should be sent to Lucky.  The next morning Lucky was sitting (on his buttocks) his walk had straightened out considerably, he was eating and resting nicely.   Luck's owner had a good supply of colloidal silver/silver shield and applied it consistently. On the third day, the would had closed, he was eating and sleeping he was resting in his chair,. A second treatment was not needed.
Lucky in Swannaona, NC

4. I have a little Yorkie who wasn't feeling like himself so I took him to the vet and he had Lyme disease and they wanted to put him on antibiotics. I was torn, I know how dangerous Lyme is is but I hate the adverse reactions of the antibiotics (I am a nurse and see it every day). I called Jeanne and she scanned Bruno and of course Lyme came up. Within 6 hours he was himself again. I received a call from the vet and they asked how Bruno was doing on the antibiotic. I did not tell them I didn't put Bruno on them but I did make an appointment to get his blood drawn again. Miraculously it did not show up in his blood work any more, Jeanne is amazing at what she does. I don't know what our family would do without her.
Nurse in New York

5.  I have been blessed to be a client and friend of Jeanne Soleille for about 18 years. I initially went to her for acupuncture, when a doctor told me I had a tumor and needed surgery. Turns out it was just an inflamed illeocecal valve, and that I just needed a mild change of diet and a few sessions of acupuncture. Jeanne always gives me excellent ideas and possible treatments, not "advice" and she is very kind about making sure that I am informed enough to make my own choices about my health. Over the years I transitioned to using bio-resonance - a process of changing energetic frequencies in the body and mind. The amazing thing about this is that I don't have to be sitting in her office for this treatment. It is extremely effective, gentle and non-invasive. It works like a cell phone in that her scan and subsequent corrections go directly to the patient regardless of proximity. I believe the technical term is that it works in meta-space, however, I am just pragmatic. It works, no side effects, no medical mistakes! I will also say that Jeanne has gone above and beyond and helped me get through a needed surgery, on her own time! She has helped my mother and several of my friends. She is also excellent with animals. I can't say enough good things about this skilled, patient, kind, intelligent woman! On a scale of one to ten, she gets a fifty!
Karine Stone

6. I was recently diagnosed with Trigeminal Neuralgia and having 10-15 attacks a day (this pain is like hitting a nerve at the dentist but lasts longer). When I finally went to a neurologist, I was given gabapentin 300mg twice per day. Well it didn't help the electrical shocking pain that I was in. I even had three good teeth pulled thinking this would help with some of the pain but it didn't. I called my wife's acupuncturist Jeanne Soleille and she made an appointment for the next day but said to also go to u tube and look up the tapping technique /EFT. I started tapping and from her office she also did bio-resonance (this can be done from a distance) for Trigeminal Neuralgia and by the time I saw her the next day, I was down to only a few attacks.She did acupuncture and more bio resonance that day and refined the tapping technique for me. I had one more acupuncture treatment a week later and have continued the tapping for all kinds of things. I have not had any attacks in the past three weeks. i stopped taking the gabapentin all together. No surgeries or meds for me thanks to you Jeanne.
Dick Skuse

            Dressage Horse with Shoulder and Lung problem.
An owner of a dressage horse called  for a bio resonance scan and corrective frequencies because her horse had a lessened range of motion in his shoulder making training difficult and a very productive barking cough from a disturbance in his lungs.  Frequencies for related acupuncture points, muscles, tendons and spinal adjustment were sent to him as well as frequencies for bacterial infection in his lungs and any psychological issues were also addressed. The second day after treatment, the owner called and said his workout was "wonderful" and cough was now dry and random. No second treatment was called for.
New York

7.  I first saw Dr. Jean over a decade ago for acupuncture for digestive issues. I was scheduled for surgery but thought to try acupuncture as well. Her treatment and helpful suggestions were so effective, I did not need the surgery since I had re-gained total digestive health. She is a gem. Her expansive knowledge of the body-mind-spirt connection, Chinese Medicine as well as her work with the Bio-Resonance system make her the first person I reach out to when I do not feel well. I always experience a new sense of balance as well as greater clarity after a bio-resonance session. Because I now live 2,000 miles away, all my treatments with bio-resonance are done in what is called "meta space" and I enjoy the immediate soothing effects the frequencies give whether I have a flu/cold coming on, headache, any muscular sprains or strains or even an emotional meltdown from time to time. Anyone who may be unfamiliar with the Bio-Resonance system should give it a try; it's worth it!! There are no words for how amazing a practitioner Dr. Jean is. I am lucky to have found her.

8.  Jean helps me through life.  My mental breakdown - cured.  My stress - gone. My hip pain - no more. My neck pain - done.  Her intelligence and nurturing kindness is my safe place when things get rough or I just need a little more happiness.  I am certainly blessed to have her in my life and have recommended her to many others.
Henrietta, New York

9.  Well it has been a few years now since my first visit to Jeanne...All I can say is it's a life changer pure and simple.  I am 57 and in the best shape of my life thanks to Jeanne helping me to have an open mind;;; Bravo Jeanne

10.  I have had discomfort in my right hip for over five years.  Despite daily stretching, massages and frequent chiropractic visits, the discomfort persisted.  I had one percussion treatment for trigger points with Jeanne and the discomfort was completely gone.

11,  I have had the honor and blessing to know Jeanne for at least twelve years when an acquaintance referred me to her through my husband. Since that time, I have found her to be not only a healer of body but a very intuitive healer. When Jeanne expanded her practice from acupuncture and acquired her bio-resonance equipment, it cast an entire new wave of treatment to her practice and it's effectiveness. After a traumatic injury, sustained at my rural home near Naples, NY, Jeanne was able to treat my symptoms from her office and I was able to stay within my home and not travel. For me, traveling was not within my ability after the injuries I sustained. With Jeanne's caring persistence and her bio-resonance equipment, I steadily came back to a sense of normalcy. I urge anyone reading this who is hesitant or resistant of trying new or alternative forms of therapy to open your mind to the vast possibilities. It is pain free utilizing no more than simple bio-electric frequencies. Those specific frequencies have been found to have a penetrating healing force able to make remarkable healing transitions given the opportunity. I am grateful to Jeanne and her gallant efforts regarding my health. I wish you wellness.
Nancy in New York

12.  Dr. Jean is a compassionate caring practitioner.  You may make an appointment to treat one condition but she takes the time to treat the entire person.  Every time I visit, I leave with a new insight about myself and more knowledge about what my body needs to be healthy and beautiful.  After a visit with Dr. Jean, I leave with an overwhelming feeling of peace and well being.  She truly is a master at treating the whole person, body, mind and spirit.

13.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Jeanne for eliminating a pain I had in my back for over twenty years. Over those years the pain would spike, and then ease off.  I tried everything from doctors, to pills to massage, to ice, heat, and tons of Ben-Gay.  A month or so ago, the pain got as bad as it has every been.  I stopped all activities and just sat in my chair getting more depressed each day.  I called Jean for an appointment a week ago and after one acupuncture session the pain went completely away.  I don't know all the science and process behind acupuncture, but I do know the results that occurred.  I am still amazed at a twenty year old problem being solved in one session.  It changed my whole attitude.  It feels great not having that constant, gnawing pain all day for the first time in so long.
Thanks so much,
George LaVigne  Fairport, NY

14.  Jeanne is fantastic at what she does.  I had acupuncture and bio-resonance and felt like I was on a cloud, and a week later still feel amazing!  I am not tolerant of pain, so I guarantee one does not feel any pain what-so-ever with acupuncture (at least not with Jeanne).  I have a health issue, and with acupuncture and Jeanne's knowledge, this will be an issue of the past.  I cannot wait for my next visit, because I know how wonderful I will feel.  Spring is here and now is the time to rejuvenate your bodies.  You will ask yourself what took you so long to schedule an appointment.
Rochester, NY

15.  Jeanne has been my acupuncturist for many years.  I think she is exceptional at her craft.  Last month, I had a feeling that something catastrophic would happen involving my health and it would be a major heart attack.  I tried to ignore this feeling, but it would not relent.  I called Jeanne and asked for a bio-resonance appointment.  I was so upset by the time I saw her that I completely forgot to tell her I felt like it would be a heart issue.  After a quick scan with her machine, Jean said that I had an issue with my aorta. She went ahead and did the frequencies to balance this and later I no longer had the feeling that I would have a heart attack  I admire Jean's commitment to her clients as well as tirelessly finding new ways to provide the best service possible.
Webster, NY

16.  Jeanne has been so wonderful and a true healer! Since working with her, I have created a new folder for all the amazing guidance she has brought into my life.  I have already introduced my family to Jeanne's work and will continue to recommend her to others.  Jeanne offers many sources of healing through her wide range of skills and expertise.  Thank you Jeanne for all that you do and your commitment to us as patients.  One of my favorite things about Jeanne is that after every session or conversation we have, I always have something new to take with me that brings me more in alignment with by best self.

17.  I have worked with Jeanne for over 10 years. She has great listening skills, has been an amazing sounding board for both my business and personal life, is intuitive, logical, objective and has provided great insight to problems I would not have seen myself.
Tony - NY"





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