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KISS THE GROUND                                   "

CONNECTED                                             "

Seaspiracy                                                 "

(Honoring the Children)                       Utube

Unvaxed at Risk:

Maybe the Way Out: Hope for Ivermectin interrupting the "spike protein process" Contra Indicated: Abnormal Liver Tests
America' Cost $90 They screen

America's Front Line Doctors:

Can Your Employer Make You Get an Injection: NO (see the documentation)

Open Your Eyes to the Media Lies

The "LockStep Scenario - How to Bring Down the World With a Pandemic  (Excellent overview)

Side Effects of experimental injections:

Pastor Stephen Broden on How to Break Democrat
Strangleholds and Restore Constitutional Values

Dr. Carrie Madej

WHO Whistleblower on the "Vax" as a bio-weapon

Reiner Fuellmich re Gathering of lawyers Internationally to address international issues:

TRUMP The Best is Yet to Come (min: 18)

Everything is a Rich Man's Trick   Full Documentary  Rumble

The Fall of the Cabal Series by   Janet Ossebaard      Rumble

One Small Town

Russia's Pyramids and why the great research

Peggy Hall   Enthusiastic California Patriot Shares Inspired Ideas & Simple Solutions For The Future of Humanity

Nano particles

Global Consciousness Project

Controlling Death for a Reason by Dr. David Martin

The Push Back

The Final Wake Up Call:

How Did We Get Here by David Martin

Mel K & Patriot Brian Isley of We The People Orange County Taking Back Power 6-12-2021

Cancel Culture -

"Sheriff Mack Shares The Questions You Can Ask Your Sheriff To Find Out If They Are A Constitutional Sheriff"

Schools Are Government Training Facilities







Acupuncture in Pittsford, NY with Jean Soleille, Acupuncturist