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Questions About Elon Musk?  Two Older gentlemen Know the Game

SG Anon on Truth Stream "The Wordsmith"

Mike King -  President Trump and President Andrew Jackson

Phil regarding Jail or EBS

SG Anon and James Grundig   SG is always so clear!!  Best Yet!

Dr. Scott Young:  The Trial,  NESARA, and the EBS  ( for your local districts see Hour 1:40 - those elected under the Dominion system are not Constitutional)

Mike King, Nino Rodriguez  500,000 Sealed Indictments

Gene Decode  The Breeder Programs   Holy Moly !!! (start at min 6 with the Protection Prayer; long but thorough)  Hard to Believe  but now discovered and  tunnels have been blown by military.

SGAnon and Jamea Grundig

Benjamin Fulford  Update

SG Anon, Leigh Dundas   (Watch to the End -  Now I  know Where Joan of Arc has Been All These Years - Helping out the Truckers)

Weaponized 5G Pulsating Microwaves Caught in the Act While We Are ALL Sleeping!

The Beginning of "Q" via US Military Signal Corps and NSA

Derek Johnson and Pascal Najadi

Dave XRP Lion and Patriot Underground Update

Greg Braden The Spiritual Battle For Our Humanity: Trans humanism, DNA, AI & Our Forgotten Past

Greg Braden Part 2 Heart Mind Connection

Robert Edward Grant - New Discoveries in GIZA

Steven Greer  MD  re  Extraterrestrials: "The Universe is an Integrated Quantum Hologram That is Conscious"  (2022)

Pam Gregory -  Our New Frequencies

NESARA GESARA   4-23-2024

You are NOT Being Told THIS! Learn HOW to SPIRITUALLY Handle Challenging Times! | Gregg Braden

Michael Jaco   Former SEAL . Former CIA

Michelle (Miki) Klann : Dismantling Our Local Corporate Governments:

Michelle (Miki) Klann Transcript

Bill Quinn and SG Anon   Great Overview!!!

You are NOT Being Told THIS! Learn HOW to SPIRITUALLY Handle Challenging Times! | Gregg Braden
Julie Reisler
21.8K subscribers

P. Diddy and Others Going Down

This is Definitely Not a Psyop

And We Know

Truth, Science and Spirit

"The Greatest Show on Earth"

Abbey Martin Empire Files "Opioids are Addictive in 7 Days" How you Got Targeted by the Pharmaceutical companies.

Benjamin Fulford Overview

How the "Q" Movement Started

Lee Merritt MD

Naturopathic Doctor Will Spencer Reveals Solutions to Remove Nanocircuitry From the Bodies of the Jabbed!  (Will is wonderful !!!)

Jonathan Otto reveals hidden secrets to putting disease in reverse:

Med Beds

Tachyon Energy - This Particle Travels Faster than the Speed of Light

EE Systems

Bio Resonance.
Bio resonance works with fluctuations in the electromagnetic frequencies of your cells. This method records and uses information from these fluctuations and electronically changes abnormal frequencies by reversing their polarity. After that,they are sent back to your body in a bio-feedback loop as therapy.
Signals stressing the body are reduced and  ideally eliminated.  This strengthens and activates the body's ability to help itself.  FDA approved.

TED TALK How Raising Our Frequency Can Cause Serendipity

Highest Recommended Video: Donald Trump’s World Power Moves Explained!! Donald Trump Holds The Sword In Saudi Arabia… Only The King Holds The Sword!! Trump Also Checkmated Israel, The Vatican (Jesuits, Masons, CFR, Illuminati, Club Of Rome)…EU, NATO, Canada, Germany, Davos And More!! December 16, 2022

Tucker Carlson

EU PARLIAMENT COVID Summit III (David Martin is sooo great - min 12)

New Gene Decode Latest Update Nov 22 > US Military Bringing it all Down

What Muammar Qaddafi Really Did for His People and His Country (start at min 20)

Archbishop Vigano

Davide Icke and La Quinta Columna

Mel K & Pastor Artur Pawlowski | The Armor of God: He Who is Brave is Free | 7-19-23

Benjamin Fulford (how John D. formed "Rockefeller Medicine" )

Benjamin Fulford   It's Finally Over With the Nazis

Lincoln and the Jesuits

5G Street Lights are Tactical Weapons  by Mark Steel a 30 Year Weapons Expert

Why You  Might Think Twice About Buying an Electric Car

DISGUSTING! Mark Zuckerberg STEALS Maui from Native Hawaiians: LAND GRAB!

Child Miners Aged 4 and up so you can Drive an Electric Car

Gregg Braden – Now They Want to Block the Sunlight from Reaching the Earth?

ELON MUSK  The Epitome of a Front Man

Hollywood - Out of Shadows

Nuremberg Speech

Mel K. and Alex Krainer - Did Tyranny Miss It's Window of Opportunity

The Third shaking of the Earth   The Indian Prophesies

Geo Engineering

Tucker Carlson  (Go Tucker!!!)

The Sequel to The Fall of the Cabal

The "Octagon Group"

Mel K and  Author and US Naval Analyst  Robert Green

How It All Fits Together - Part 1 of 17 - YouTube  (Start at min 10) › watch?v=ZmesrdLTDTU

Greg Braden  The Real History

CHILDREN  - Tim Ballard  Mel Gibson

Mass Psychosis

Finally REAL Hope     ( Stay till the end)

How the Planets are Paralleling the Times and Events

How to REPROGRAM YOUR MIND by Bruce Lipton

The Truckers Won Everything

Australia:  Trump by the Book and more


Billy Falcon sings   "Never Surrender"   You Tube
Billy Falcon sings   "Heaven Hears the Children Cry"  You Tube
Billy Falcon sings   "Red Sea Moment"
Billy Falcon sings   "Hold On"  You Tube
Lee Harris                 "The Deer"s Cry"  /watch?v=hoXUdur_-PI
Lee Harris  sings     " I release"  You Tube

Hospitals M and M : Money and Murder

Doctors Were Bribed

Who is being sent to the Mexican/US Border and Why plus more with Benjamin Fulford

Words That Hide The Truth  George Carlin

Joe Dispensa   Soo Good

Humans 2.0

Mass Psychosis {and how it happened}


David Icke  Our Time Has Come

Alan Watts - The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

Pam Gregory and Katherine Macbean

Gaia and the Butterfly

Grass Fed? Organic Meat?

Who is Behind the Trans Agenda

The Trauma of Abandonment  by  Gabor Mate MD

                                HOW WE GOT HERE


Fall of the Cabal  by  Janet Osebad

Mel K and Charlie Ward:   How Control was Taken from the US by the Blood Lines

"Humans are Hackable Animals"

The Strange Secret to Success by Earl Nightingale

5G Street Lights and How They Are An Actual Weapon System

New Zeland

Rumble:   The Indians Who Rocked the World

Transgenderism:   Mel K and Author Charlie Robinson

How China Banned Soros in 1989 [A Canadian Patriot Press Film]

Benjamin Fulford

Lewis Herms and Nicholas Veniamin (Elon Musk 2.0 White Hat Control}

Milton Friedman why government spending is so corrupt (min12 to min14:30)

Blaine Holt  Ret BG US Army)

Rob Potter Interview: Victory of the Light and Restoration Planning


Sacha in Bucharest on 5G Extinction Event  with Mark Steele, and other

Movie: Planned Chaos/Operation Mockingbird

Trevor Louden  Exposing the Traitors Within

How to Spot a Narcissist Before They Hurt You

Predictive Programming  (very strong but very thorough and awakening  Yikes!!!)

The Sequel to the Fall of the Cabal by Janet Osebad

Todd Callendar With Dr. Jane Ruby: Their Goal Was To Make Vaccines Contagious!!

Gene Decode Mega Redpill: The Secret Underground Pyramid Of Ukraine Filled With Rare Form Of Gold, Swiss Mountains Filled With Gold, Why They Saved Israel For Last, And More!!

Foster Gamble of Thrive

The New Hybrid Humans Can Be Used As Local Wireless Networks – Gates Owns the Patent For Exclusive Rights Over Human Hybrid Bodies!! This Is NOT Science Fiction!!

TikTok  Catfishing  Wants You to Disassociate From Your Real Body

PROOF - 5G Weaponized Street Lights

5G Technology and the Induction of Corona Virus in Skin Cells  Jan 23, 2003 

"Died Suddenly"

Mel K and Cathy OBrien on MIND CONTROL

Dr. David Martin 3.5 Billion Could Be Killed Or Injured From Jab

Dr Lee Merritt and Harald Kautz

Dr Jane Ruby and Attorney Todd Callendar

Mind Control   Anna Mihalcea  MD   Moving Forward

Sacha and Laura Lynn

David Icke and Sacha at Their Best

Nuremberg Trials 2.0 Have Begun

Science for Hire

Rheiner Fullmich, Sucharit Bhakdi, Naomi Wolf, Peter Breggin

Mel K  and Charlie Robinson on Climate Change and What It Isn't

Benjamin Fulford

False Light:  3rd 4th and 5th Dimensions

This is the Real Reason

How Trump's Nationalism Kept the Peace

SG Anon, Michael Jaco

SG Anon SITUATION UPDATE! "No Hold Barred! NOBODY Escapes!" White Hat Ops, Mass Arrests & Tribunals!

                      WHERE WE GO FROM HERE

DECLARATION OF FREEDOM   We are Taking Back Our Power

Pam Gregory and Katherine Macbean re: PHA and PFF

One Small Town by Michael Tellinger A new Dawn is on the Horizon

Power of the Pyramid in Everyday Uses

Pyramid's of Russia   (see min 30 for Alexander Godard's Work)

Tachyon Energy

Exploring the Science of Intuition and the Heart's Pivotal Role

Pam Gregory:  Expanded Consciousness

"Focus' by Andrew Kuberman  Professor   Art by After School

Finding Meaning in Life by After School

Geodesic Dome Homes by Geoship - Dwell › article › geoship-geodesic-dome-homes-zappos-d345f58a

Gregg Braden: NEW EVIDENCE! The Shocking TRUTH About How They Built The Pyramids!!

The Maharishi Effect  Mass Meditation Lowers Crime Rate

Regenerative architecture

Nikola Tesla's Scalar Waves


Ceramic Homes - Geodesic Homes:

Geodesic Dome Housing

Geodesic Dome Housing

Methane Reduction

Dr. Rahn re: Her  Age Reversal Products at Root Brands

The Greatest Story Never Told

Crop Circles are Changing as Human Consciousness is Changing

When the Survivors of Atlantis Wake Up

Indiana's Mysterious Mounds: Legends of Advanced Civilizations and Giants  (Older Than Stonehenge and here in the US)

Sacha on Bio Architecture in Bali

A Real Recycler

Electric Vehicles are Anti-Market and Anti-Environment

Animals Getting Help from Humans



Sanskrit  - Frequencies of the Universe

One Small Town by Michael Tellinger A new Dawn is on the Horizon

The Gene-ius Within   Heart Math Institute

The Holy Grail - Rory Duff

The Seventh Generation Principle of the Iroquois: › 7th-generation
7th Generation Principle | Seven Generations International Foundation
The Seventh Generation takes its name from the Great Law of the Haudenosaunee, the founding document of the Iroquois Confederacy, the oldest living participatory democracy on Earth. It is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that: "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations."

How to Stop Wasting Your Life by Carl Jung

Beyond the Ice Wall

Med Beds

Sacha Stone on Freedom:

Benjamin Fulford and Mel K  WORLD News  Excellent

We Heard You by Foster Gamble

Pam Gregory and Rory Duff

TED Talk Serendipity

Common Prescriptions causing Alzheimer's like symptoms

Sound Health  Ted Talk by Julian Treasure

SOUND of Creation  GAIA

Greg Braden in China at a Medicine-less Hospital

Spirituality in Hawaii

Tesla's 3 6 9  and Vortex Math

Ancient Africa

Movie:  Kiss The Ground

Profound Awakening

Tesla and the Pyramids   After School Artists

The Merkaba Meditation

Brave Blue World:  Racing to Solve Our Water Crisis

Down to Earth

What It Means To Be An Integral Part Of The Collective Awakening

Sacha on Poetry and the Space Between the Words

Zack Bush MD   Unlocking the Power Within

Strong Towns  Strong Towns challenges suburban development on CNB

Raffi on Broadway

I Am Peace  by Lee Harris    
You Tube  or Lee

Happiness Frequency: Serotonin, Dopamine, Endorphin Release Music, Binaural Beats Meditation Music

"To Raise our Frequencies" per Christian Northrup MD

Bach Flower Remedies for Dogs plus Tips on Their Body Language

Lee  (or see on youtube)
I Am Free To Be Me (Official Audio) #MEDICINEMANTRAS
I Release

Handpan Music for Focusing  by GreenRed Productions

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Biosesonance and acupuncture in Asheville, NC with Jean Soleille, acupuncturist