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PTSD A Time To Heal Cathy O'Brien
MK Ultra Survivor

Coronavirus: You've been brainwashed (Here's how they did it)
Bit Chute:  Vernon Coleman  An Old Man in a Chair

Eat Right 4 Your Type Peter J. D'Adamo N.D.

The Octopus of Global Control      Charlie Robinson

Nature's Alternatives Discount Dietary Supplements

An Alternative View

Bi Naural Beats Green Red Productions:
Happiness Frequencies, Serotonin, Dopamine and Endorphins
(look for the lady with the golden face)               U-Tube

Headspace - Guide to Meditation                       Netflicks

The State is Out of Date                                     Gregory Sams
We Can Do It Better     (best yet for the bigger picture)                                                                              
Human Heart, Cosmic Heart                               Thomas Cowan MD

Letting Go                                                             David Hawkins MD PhD

Becoming Supernatural - How Common People
Are Doing The Uncommon                                 Joe Dispenza  D.C.

Mindful Relationship Habits                                 S. J. Scott and Barrie Davenport

Change Your Life in 7 Days                                   Paul McKenna

Freedom From Emotional Eating                         Paul McKenna

Is There Scientific Proof We Can Heal Ourselves  Lisa Rankin MD
                                                                                  TED Talks U Tube

The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership   Dethmer, Chapman, Klemp

Evolve Your Brain                                                     Joe Dispenza D.C.

Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself                     Joe Dispenza  D.C.

Unleash the Power of the Female Brain                 Daniel Amen M.D.

Greg Braden  2017                                                     U tube

Science of the Heart                                                 Heart Math Institute

The Remissions Study                                             The Noetic Institute

Inn Saei/Inner Wisdom                                             U tube

Awakening from Alzheimer's                                 Peggy Sarlin

The Video That Will Change Your Life                   Simon Sinek  U-tube

12 Ways to Unlock The Vagus Nerve                     U-Tube

Life Colors                                                               Pamela Oslie

Tesla Purple Plates (original)                     


Biosesonance and acupuncture in Asheville, NC with Jean Soleille, acupuncturist

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Books - Acupuncture and Bioresonance in Custer, South Dakota in Asheville, NC