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                    Trigger Point Therapy

Special thanks to Drs. Travel and Simon

Travel and Simon describe a trigger point as simply a small contracture knot in muscle tissue.  It will feel denser or tighter than the surrounding muscle tissue.  Often you can feel a taut guitar-like string in the muscle fiber harboring the trigger point.  The constant tension in the fibers of the trigger point itself restricts circulation of blood in its immediate area.  The resulting accumulation of the by-products of metabolism, as well as deprivation of the oxygen and nutrients needed for metabolism, can perpetuate trigger points for months or even years unless some intervention occurs.  It is this self sustaining cycle that needs to be broken,

Trigger points are known to cause headaches, neck and jaw pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, and many kinds of joint pain mistakenly ascribed to arthritis, tendinitis, bursitis, or ligament injury.  Trigger points cause problems as diverse as earaches, dizziness, nausea, tennis elbow, sinus pain and congestion, as well as all sorts of back, leg, and arm muscle pain.

Trigger points ALMOST always send pain to some other site.  This is called referred pain. A skilled practitioner will have studied the location of the trigger points and be able to show them to the patient on a chart or by palpation of the sites.  Once the patient gets involved in identification of the point with the practitioner the work to remove them has already begun.

  • Dr. Robert Fulford an Osteopathic physician, introduced percussion vibration as a therapy method for releasing trigger points.  He referred to them as "energy sinks"which prevent normal flow of piezoelectricity from traveling to a particular area within the body along the myofascial planes.

A vibracussor is used with little or no pressure on the trigger points for 1 to 2 minutes each until normal blood and energy flow is restored. There is some discomfort with this process but as people say, "It's a good pain."   One to three treatments is usually all that is needed to relieve pain and restore function.

Most people have many trigger points accumulated due to prior experiences in sports activities, gym work outs, or just overextending themselves in day to day efforts. Please just ask if you have a problem. We are here to help.


Cost per treatment                         $85.00

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Trigger Point Therapy - Acupuncture  in Pittsford       Jeanne Soleille  L.Ac.                            585-586-4090 in Pittsford, NY

Acupuncture in Pittsford, NY with Jean Soleille, Acupuncturist

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Trigger Point Therapy - Acupuncture  in Pittsford       Jeanne Soleille  L.Ac.                            585-586-4090 in Pittsford, NY