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Bioresonance Therapy - Jeanne Soleille L.Ac.

For an explanations of bioresonance, please see video below:

(The TED talk named "Shattering Cancer with Resonant Frequencies - Anthony Holldand at TEDxSkidmore College" is also very informative)

"How Bioresonance Therapy Works - YouTube " 

  (18.04 mins)

"Energy Medicine and Bioresonance by  Deta Ellis" You Tube


Bio resonance therapy is accepted world wide.  The LIFE bioresonance system that I use is FDA approved as a biofeedback therapy device  and is a wonderful alternative for people to consider whether as a support for your existing therapy or or any problem that you may need assistance with.   I have helped over 1500 people and animals throughout the US and in Italy via meta space or in my office.

Please see testimonials regarding Bio resonance


Cost for Bio resonance first visit is:                     $120.00     1 1/2 hours

All other visits:                                                           85.00     per hour

Cancellation Policy:  Please give 24 hours notice or a cancellation fee of full visit will be charged.

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Jeanne Soleille L.Ac. offers Acupuncture in Pittsford, NY

Acupuncture in Pittsford, NY with Jean Soleille, Acupuncturist

Choose a bioresonance visit type
Bioresonance Therapy - Acupuncture  in Pittsford       Jeanne Soleille  L.Ac.                            585-586-4090 in Pittsford, NY